SAIL ahead to boost your career

A career boosting tip with SAIL

Do you ever wonder why certain people with less direct qualifications sometimes just sail ahead of the rest. Often the call of natural talent and an exception is voiced without understanding the route cause reasons for these unorthodox outstanding results or achievements. Study into these individuals in my opinion can be summarized as a little bit of luck, the right time at the right place but more often through what I define as SAIL. 

High achievers can come from tough and unprivileged backgrounds and yet manage to use this to their advantage.

S sincerity and sexy

By being sincere with ones actions, well meaning, genuine and true provides a deep sense of integrity and trust in others. Sometimes we hear "fake it till you make it" but more true and a higher level of sustained success is knowing to be sincere in your actions. Sincerity alone needs to be added with a little bit of spice - so I call it sexy. This is the differentiator from the crowd, a personal brand style, mannerism or an attribute that can be created and made unique within the environment you are in, for instance have you ever gone to a black tie event and seen a person in white and black instead of black and white?

A Authenticity   

It is vital to put in the time and effort so you understand with true knowledge what can be instinctively introduced to make improvements. Of equal importance, seek new knowledge so skills can be updated , retained or replaced with better methods. This gives you the "how"to implement change and retain high results and provides the needed authenticity of your actions. There are many examples of this hard smart work, look into Mike Gladwell's book Outliers which defines the 10,000 hour rule or seek the fun TED talk from Josh Kaufman on the steps to "learn anything" - in basics in 20 hours. 

I Intangibles 

Desire, drive, enthusiasm, smiling, empathy, social intelligence finding the right mix of these attributes for your given environment will help you stand out from the crowd and raise as a leader and natural expert.

L love 

Love what you do and others through respect. It is important to love yourself enough to take care of your physical and mental well being. If you show a love of the task ahead and the purpose and goal then this spreads through to the people who interact with you. The love is often returned but be mindful of others who become jealous.

SAIL principles will help to move yourself to new levels of performance.