Why the f&%k are you not using these sales metrics

If you want better sales then use these metrics

OK, I got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. I’m salty, I’m furious, I’m gonna get even right here and right now. You see, I can listen to a business owner or product manager or sales director go on about their metrics, their sales, their gross sales and some of their appointment ratio’s (this one less so but occasional), and then silence. It is as though the bottom line is also the top line, in fact, it’s the only line except for costs that seems to be measured.

That is the point when I want to jump up and down and scream. I mean, come on, you are more than that. You know you need more than that.

So, right now lets throw your current metrics out of the window and let’s look at these ones and then ask yourself after, why the f&%k are we not using these metrics already?

  1. Value of sales lost by reason per sales team

  2. Range of cross sales values per sales person

  3. Sales cycle time

  4. Total sales value per sales person since their records began

  5. Sales training hours per sales person 1:1 sessions

  6. Closing ratio range

  7. Average sales per 100 customers

  8. Range in order size per sales person

  9. Tolerance range of accuracy in sales forecasts

  10. Percentage of lost to re-win accounts per sales person

  11. Ratio of satisfaction of sales personnel with their salary per product

  12. Number of hours reviewing root cause for lost sales

That’s it, end of discussion. Go and measure those 12 metrics, review them, debate them, act on them and come back to me in 4 months time to let me know how it improved the metrics you have only had your eyes on so far. Then if you feel generous, send some money and donate it to a good charity from the profit of increased sales I know we just gave you.