Secret powers of data in metrics.

Secret powers of data in metrics.

This is the first shorter version of our weekly blog posts. We announced in April that to serve our market and readership better a new weekly additional post will be generated. Our normal posts generate at least 1000 words plus additional reference material for reading or review via video or podcast and white papers.

This shorter blog will address different types of content. 

Let us START!

JAMSO reviewed data from our website traffic. The data we reviewed included standard metrics such as website hits per day, bounce rate, duration of stay per page and most popular subjects. The data behind the standard metrics highlighted another trend. A trend that caught our eye from the data has been subject to a lot of change for B2C and B2B communications environments. The trend is in MOBILE use.

We plotted the trend over time and used benchmark information to provide feedback indicators. From this information we took direct communication to customers and selected subscribers. We discovered that a higher number of potential customers and continued subscribers want additional shorter content so they can consume the information via their mobile devices. A slight adjustment to the images used in our short content blogs will also help improve the user experience. We shall be slightly more punchy and short text based.

The data still demonstrates a solid and firm case for our 1000 blog articles and yet the secret power of the data reviewed highlighted this new expanding opportunity.

Action Point;-

  1. What data are you gathering for standard metrics had requires fresh perspectives?
  2. How often do you review the raw data source, quality and new alternatives?
  3. What small and simple change can you make this week to improve value for your market and customers?


The small change to our social media content will serve our market and subscribers additional value through more frequent choice or exposure to our thoughts, ideas and tips. The upside benefit to JAMSO as a business will be more satisfied customers and new readers who will capture our content in a format and style to match their daily needs.


JAMSO is a global support business. We help your business make changes in performance through goal setting, KPI Management, Business Intelligence and predictive analytics solutions.

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