Learning with Haiku Decks

Discover these great self-improvement decks.

One of the most popular educational platforms is Haiku. This platform has been popular within the edtech community and learning institutes. Haiku allows you to upload video, audio, and slides and then share the information across the cloud. Our use of the platform has helped us reach people exploring the platform for self-improvement tools and expertise.

Similar to SlideShare, Haiku allows you to upload a presentation with keyword content either privately or publicly.

The loyal users of Haiku mean creators and content consumers return to information saved from prior visits.

JAMSO enjoys and makes good use of the tool to extend our reach to a wider audience that searches for current and future solutions. We are pleased with the loyal strong numbers that seek insights and are pleased with the connections it has given us.

So, to celebrate our love for Haiku Decks here is some of the many presentations with created to help personal development challenges.

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Haiku