The Strategic Guide and Tips for Transformation

The Strategic Guide and Tips for Transformation

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There are few, very few people prepared to make real change in their lives. I have always been fascinated that people are prepared to study and work for hours, days, months and years to benefit the transformation of a business and yet do less so for themselves. 

There are many reasons for this situation, from religion to community conformity to self-confidence. 

Transformation is everywhere

Transformation is everywhere

Some have a fear of personal failure or success; others perform best when working for a common cause. A discovery you need to make is, how to identify the key strategic steps to make a permanent transformation. In this list of tips, I will guide you through that path.


  • The guide and their tips are clear steps. I have used them myself and seen them applied through others. They offer a selected insight for development areas in everyone. The application of this guide applies to business as well as personal lives.

Reader Warning: Do not expect a 1 minute read with 4 take away points to implement and become suddenly able to overhaul your life or business. If you want that, then please click elsewhere. 

You benefit from a deeper dive into the reality of big change, what it means to you, your surroundings, mind and emotional state. 

I also dive into the costs, consequences and provide one of many possible paths for you. 

Focus your time on the things you can impact and improve.

Before we start with the guide let us agree on the definition and provide some context.

Transformation Defined:

  • A marked change in form, nature or appearance.

  • One set of algebraic formulas used to express the relations between elements.

  • A process by which one figure, expression, or function is converted into another one of similar value.

So already there is a range of meanings within transformation. What appears to be a transformation of one person, system, organization, technology or culture may not be judged as such by another. Therefore we start with an understanding that transformation is a relative term. This key point becomes ever more significant as we progress with the guide.


Example: A person losing weight may be measured by their friends and family has been transformed when they lose the first several kilos/pounds. However, the person may feel the biggest transformation and challenge maintaining their new weight or shaving off the last pound/kilo.

So, at its extreme end performance can be perceived as most transformational even when faced inside the zone of “The Law Of Diminishing Returns”.

Actor Aamir Khan Body Transformation


Possibly the most significant change a person can go through will be a change within their idealism and principles. This can be from an atheist’s belief in a God or a Muslim converting to Hinduism. More subtle changes in idealism will also have significant behavior and different emotional responses. For example, how one perceives society as one grows up, the political opinions of a person and even expectation of certain rights.

Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power – Bertrand Russel

Top Tip: Ensure you review your personal ethics, morals, principles and values. Create your personal code of conduct and live by that. Be sensitive to the cultural and legal implications of such ideals!

How to Define Your Principles

1) Take time, a lot of it. List the things in life that draw the strongest emotional reactions. 

2) Seek to understand and clarify under what circumstances you would allow these emotions to be ignored and which ones you could not ignore but be prepared to take an action. 

3) This exercise is tougher than it first appears so be prepared to return several times.

To help you seek further principle ideals, start with the areas of health, relationships, skills, honor.


Example: One of the core personal ideals I hold is protecting the rights to privacy for my children. Therefore I am active to petition and support privacy campaigns and actions to influence the debate and awareness of the public.



Metrics Moment – Recognize that principles tend to change through the seasons of life. 

  • So recognize the value of 7. Ensure once a week (every 7 days) you keep check of the principles and values you hold dear.

  • Then create time in your diary once every 7 months to engage deeper with the values and principles you hold most dear.

  • For example, through a community project or personal goal. Then every 7 years have a series review of how your principles have grown, adjusted and changed.

 What Are Your Five Principles? | Aly Somani | TEDx

 Identify what do you not want

To start doing something, you will need to stop doing something else. By recognizing the key areas you remain ambivalent you have a great start point to understand the sacrifices for renewal.  

To be outstanding, you have to be just that. Not normal, not average – Be basically off the charts at all times!

Social group

So with what are you prepared to give up? If someone wants to transform their smoking habits then they might end up with a different social network.

They may need to develop alternative times and rituals in their day to allow reflection, pause and social small talk. All these changes need giving something up on something else.


Top Tip: What is the price you are willing to take for the shift you seek? Have you considered network, status, family, friends, rumors and failure?

A Metrics Moment: Create a list of things, events and time that will be reduced. Reallocate these efforts directly to your new direction. Ensure measured management of the time is retained to avoid slippage and bad habits.

Declutter your life in 60 seconds. 

Note: Decluttering sets a great foundation to understand other more time consuming and unproductive areas of life/business to remove. This is also part of the first step within 5S improvement steps found in business.


Define your BHAG

What is the closest definition you can create to your transfiguration end point? Image if everything went perfect, no challenges faced, what would be your ultimate goal? The answer helps define your BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal. BHAG’s are important steps in providing the clarity to develop and build a firm strategy.

Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success – David Joseph Schwartz

From your BHAG are the foundational points to create a vision and mission

Be aware that creating too many BHAG’s across various areas of your life will become too overwhelming for most people. 


Imagine flying over a desert and then having a crash landing. How would you survive and cope? This is what you do to your mind when seeking too many overhauls in every part of life.


Top Tip: Create a unique Pinterest or Instagram account and fill it with images as a vision board that reflects your BHAG. – You now have a mobile vision board available on your phone!

Metrics Moment: Once your BHAG has been defined, capture the actual measurement numbers and scales to describe a success. You will need these to understand your progress towards them.

Alan Watts – What do you desire

The Bold Clear Next Steps and Strategy

Action and progress are output energies from your response to events or created driven designs. The more tactical and short term the design of your actions the smaller scale results are achieved on their own. When combined with strategic design, true power and incredible outcomes are experienced.  

Something New

A medium or long term strategy defines the pace, risks, anticipates and collects the resources with a definite outcome and expectation. 

The short term tactics are the execution actions. Tactics are responses to planned and unplanned events. They become accelerators when easier progress is made and delivers actual progress steps.

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory evolved. – Sun Tzu

This segment is the most important and often over looked part of goal setting. Too often simplistic goal models are not supported with robust strategic frameworks to achievement. 

There is too long a list of failures around us to ignore this truth. 

A very simple and excellent tactical system is one applied by Nigel Risner. He uses CNS (Clear Next Step). Now let us be clear, CNS is not the output, it refers to the actual action that will occur. Step by step, definite positive progress is made.

Thinking person

The method of strategic deployment often differs from goal to goal and classification of change being sought. 

This article is a strategy you can follow to create transformation as a result. Be thoughtful and resourceful in research to define and create the best framework for your specific situation and needs.

Ensuring boldness within your actions is critical. Seek to overcome fears and focus on high performance success.

Top Tip: Understanding your key strengths and weaknesses will help adjust a strategy to accommodate and maximize these realities for your given situation. Do not forget that today’s weakness may become a strength later so periodic review is a must.

Metrics Moment: Ensure measures and feedback systems are in place to define corrective actions and help reward success.

Be in the room with Nigel Risner

Prioritization for success

It sounds so simple to prioritize, but what does that mean? How do you decipher what is important? What can be delegated, what should become automated and what needs to be done first?

You can use the model below as a guide but there remain issues for most people seeking to renew their business or personal life. You see, to prioritize for success you need to address every element of it and not just the tasks themselves.

Priority Matrix


Focus on some time and actions that fall outside of your transformation goals. These are times to allow relaxation, reflection to give insights or new opportunities. Life should be also about having some fun so ensure you keep that as a priority.

Impact is a word I use and apply a lot. There are too many people making great daily steps towards goals and yet forgetting the impact of their actions. Consider your rate of progress both internal and external. 

You should seek to use new modern techniques to help boost and speed up your performance to new levels. So, always seek time to focus on research into alternative options and use new strengths generated as your journey continues.

If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.

Blackboard Helping teach

Keep a clear focus on positive outcomes. Helping others achieve their own goals is rewarding. The experience helps refine your own skills.

Consider sharing what you know and learn as your mastery and experience develops.

Top Tip: Use the CNS principle and matrix above to help decide what the next priority is. Be considerate to external unplanned events. Life will test your creative and resourcefulness to succeed in your goal. Understand that small setbacks are natural but also look out for mission creep. If you find you rank other items first too regular then get back on track with the correct focus.

Metrics Moment: Keep a measure and time and events that detract you from your end priorities. Use these facts to address any cognitive bias that creeps into your decision making.

The Fluffy details that matter

The more I do, the more I seem to get done.

The above quote resonates deeply, it both implies that by simply doing more, you achieve more. It also implies, that by doing more one becomes more experienced, efficient and can achieve more through others. The message from this quote applies to so many areas that I call “fluffy details”. 

Lady looking

Example of Fluffy details: So, is it easier to get an appointment with a top London lawyer if you have a “posh accent” rather than a deep accent from Dorset? The truth is the posh accent makes the path easier.

I will face many criticism for mentioning this fact and reality. Even my own desire and bias towards equality tells me not to write it, yet it is true.

So, being around like minded people makes life easier. Entrepreneurs surround themselves with other entrepreneurs. It is rare to find a steelworker eating at a posh restaurant socializing with a social media magnet. The details matters - it might be "fluffy" but they matter. 


You need to place yourself and BE the alterations you seek. That means, dress like it, read about it, and socialize around it, network within it. These changes are hard at first and can appear disingenuous to others. 

I prefer to be frank and honest in this situation. For instance, if I want to learn from an expert I will reach out to them. "hey, I am new in this field of x, y, z I would like to buy you a drink to hear a bit more about it from you”. From that first direct message, email, phone calls expect silence and declines. Once done enough, eventually an opportunity will appear.

Some people suggest providing gifts, future promises of collaboration etc., I prefer to be upfront and humble.

We all need a dose of wisdom and motivation. Social media is a great source to find motivational messages and quotes. 

Take the full explicit experiences of success that others have gone through. You quickly learn how much luck, chance; innovation, creativity and strategy plus execution are all unique. Anyone of these points done at the right or wrong time can send your business or personal future into a new positive trajectory. 

The key message is; Collect insights and be fussy about the quality of information you gain to generate the full picture you NEED (not want).

Top Tip: Follow JAMSO on Instagram for daily quotes and motivational insights. Create your own affirmations to help in low high stress circumstances such as public speaking or presenting to a potential investor.

Metrics Moment:  Set aside measured time and standards to address personal development, character and fine tune your expectations. Sometimes what you think you seek is not enough, or in the wrong direction, so remain open minded. Explore other industries, sports, methods, cultures for solutions.

Use of Bonding Attributes

So far you have discovered the why, what, which, when and where to create significant change. Now we need to take a look into the how. 

Well, in part the whole article offers an overall guideline so part of the how is covered. Yet, at a step deeper we discover the actual mechanics and details for sustained change. 

Space Shuttle

First you need to acknowledge that even significant and positive huge projects can and do fail. The world is full of great ideas and positive intent only to burn out over time.  So, let us explain what needs to happen to solve the dilemma.

Discipline Notice

Daily, yes daily and long term discipline is important. Even at times of slippage of performance, old habits that creep in simply being aware of them is the most significant step. 

If you are aware of what you are doing and what you should be doing, then you increase the chances to being able to adjust and correct. 

Acknowledge that discipline varies from person to person and is influenced from many external and internal influences. So, your discipline may be high but your support network may become lower over time, or vice a versa.

Consequences of decisions are held within the world of accountability. If you have little or no accountability across every touch point then do not expect sustained support or constant behavior. 

Build and design in accountability. This is the realm of gamification, reward and review systems. So, embrace modern and old techniques. 

Note that positive and negative incentives have their place in everyday society. So, doing something illegal is punishable and good behavior makes a great citizen. Do the same with your action points to avoid stagnation and increase your chances of success.

I really try to put myself into uncomfortable situations; complacency is my enemy – Trent Reznor

Top Tip: It sounds obvious but simply become the metamorphosis you seek. OK, that was easily stated so to make this tip effective, ensure you review on an honest frequent period the TRENDS of your actions. Are they sustained? What areas need to improved? What areas of the shift you seek are easier? – Apply and learn from them

Metrics Moment: Create metrics for attributes. Measure comparisons and relationships towards your goals.

Is that all it takes?

Future car

So, is a quantum leap and revolution possible? Yes. But you need to recognize we have an inbuilt safety mechanism to protect ourselves and survive.

Some cultures take family pride deeper than others. Thus the decisions to make a renewal is riskier and its start point much harder than for other more liberal cultures. 

I suggest you write all the change pros and cons on a list. The pros’ are the reminders of why you want to transform. The cons will help you navigate towards success that applies to you for your unique circumstances.

Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation. – Nia Peeples

Risky train ride

A review of internet search statistics highlights a human desire for “silver bullet solutions”. The same applies to ideas on how to make a transformation. 



We offer a strategy to weigh options within your circumstances and create a unique positive approach to attain a much higher sustained success rate of change.

How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

You now have the key knowledge to develop into the necessary skills, will and support systems to solve whatever life and markets throw at you with your desire to transform.

The biggest question you need to ask on this quest is "How much do I want to change?" 

Key Messages:

  1. Create constant desire for change and positive improvement.

  2. Be prepared and adjust when challenges happen.

  3. Create a positive environment and be prepared to give up negative ones.

  4. Failure only happens once you stop.

  5. Avoid comfort, seek discomfort.

  6. Be patient and gain the correct insights.

Top Tip: I have not included passion within the list so far. For sustained performance passion is needed but the most important message and tip I can share in this full list, is that passion is born, needs to be nurtured and can change, follow the steps and your passion will arise.

Metrics Moment: To help boost our own metrics for reach across the planet with our messages, please share this across one of your social media platforms and bring it into discussions with 3 of your friends.