Sun, Sea, Sand and Skydiving

Content Includes:

  • Why I wrote this in May for publication at the end of July,

  • Focus on long term goals during short term opportunities

  • Why it is important to have the next 90 days in play.

Right now I do not know what I'm doing but I guess it will be something like this : Hoping the sun shines all day so the family can enjoy our day or reading a book and looking out at some seascape with boats in the distance or maybe trying to hold a smile on my face whilst removing sand from all parts of my body or out skydiving with some friends. How about you?

Opportunity creates opportunities

The great thing with technology is that I can be doing all this whilst my pre-written article (I confess I am writing this on 19th May 2015!!) will then be scheduled for publication on my website, Twitter and Facebook accounts at the same time. You see today I have had a change of plans that opened an opportunity in my diary. Now, I could have simply got on with "other work" but I decided that the best thing to do right now is work on a longer term goal that will reap a reward within the next 90 days. This keeps my motivation higher as I can see the result and benefit in a reasonably short time frame.


The long road to easy gains

Today I am 70 days ahead of my article writing for this specific post. Most of my other posts are written closer to the time, I have a few completed or drafted that I can issue when circumstances change suddenly. It has taken months for me to develop the discipline to create a "buffer" of material and articles that I feel relevant and share a lesson. By being consistent with my writing I have built new opportunities that had been not seen earlier. Some examples include, being able to take a Friday afternoon off to share more time with my family, sharing an unpublished article to a client or prospect, expanding training material for client benefit based on increased quality resources.

Give me sunshine


I have a goal to issue my short posts every Tuesday and longer posts on a Thursday. By building and developing my material and taking small time opportunities to create drafts or finish writing I find more ideas are created. To have a deeper pool of articles allows my daily planning to accommodate clients needs on a more flexible basis. It may come as no shock that some of these articles are multinational in their making. A sentence started in Mumbai may be completed in Hamburg and the whole paragraph finished in a hotel reception in southern Denmark.

This is why I do not get too disappointed when a meeting is slightly delayed or a flight moved by a few hours. It enables me to take that "negative experience" into a positive outcome scenario by working not on a short term goal but creating and completing plans for the next 90 days.

Action Point:

  1. What can you do today or in the next few hours that will help "buy" you more time later?

  2. Use the time you have created on a long term goal and not a short term goal.

  3. How can you break down actions to 90 day steps?