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The system elements your goals need to succeed.

Systems your goals need to succeed

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Risks can be reduced through systems application

Risks can be reduced through systems application


Goal setting through life and business is often performed too simplistically. The desire to reach a goal may be from a range of sources as varied as gut feel to detailed research. Have you had varied levels of success from your own goal setting experiences? The impact through life and at business can be startling to the motivation of the people involved in the process. Put simply, great research with a fantastic action focused system and process will boost your chance for success. The key backbone for most success is ensuring you have effective systems to allow you to succeed.

Warehouse automated logistics system

Warehouse automated logistics system

Why do we need systems?

In life and in business there are too many examples of success through perseverance and persistence to ignore. Sure it may not sound as sexy as a silver bullet quick fix promise, but solid progress over time achieves greatness. There may be less immediate gain, yet from a sustainable perspective robust systems can deliver high consistent results.

Key Goal Setting System Elements


Any robust system applied within the field of goal setting should include methods of forming consistent habits. A leading system should be created to be flexible for natural changes but work on habit behavior and actions.

  • Example: A person training for a marathon will have a system to cover nutrition, rest, recovery, strength, running, clothing and mental toughness throughout their whole program on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
Healthy habit formation

Healthy habit formation


Through operating and working within a system for goal setting you become capable of dealing with higher than expected performance or lower than expected performance levels. The system provides the framework discipline for accountability.

  • Example: A person within a management system should accept their accountability to ensure the goal is achieved. This can be ensuring prioritization of tasks and raising point to other collaboration partners in ensuring performance is maintained.
Grit and discipline in action

Grit and discipline in action


Any system should be built and designed not just for success but for dealing with mistakes, errors and deviations along the way. The need to have support is an integral part of system design.

  • Example: Your family members and friends may need to be called upon to help finish a building extension that was not completed in time for winter.


Remove any side of assumptions in your goal setting system. If your scope and resources are limited then ensure clarity of these limitations is known and feedback into the goal setting process. There may be unique considerations of time impacts to your goals.

  • Example: A professional sports person may recover from an injury far quicker than a none professional, due to expertise and availability of the world’s best treatment and time capacity to train on rehabilitation.
Some systems require specialist skills

Some systems require specialist skills

System summary:

The simpler a system the better. The best systems come from operating with a known framework with defined limitations and scope in its design.

Beware of process versus progress

There are many different personalities in people and business cultures. A common reason for some goal failures is the misalignment between the two interacting areas. One business may wish to focus on a latest and greatest trend of steps to achieve its goals and another may be better placed to create a strong robust success criteria.

  • Example: A small business startup can be looser in its goal setting culture than the need for a legal practice of nuclear power plant.
The path goes up and down

The path goes up and down

Bonus section: Looking up or looking down

If you spend 10 minutes across all the social media sites you will swiftly arrive at the conclusion that modern goal setting is simply all about looking up at the goal and it will arrive as a miracle with little effort. The truth is that goals are the simple OUTCOMES from actions, process and details. They are achieved by not just looking up at the end result but also looking down at each detail, step, process and understanding how, when and where improvements can and should be made.

Systems are everywhere 

Systems are everywhere 

The system you need to succeed

You now have the core elements of to help build and develop your personal or business goals for short medium and long term success. The message here is clear, keep working on the details every day to move forward. You can only control what is within the scope of your system criteria and upon reflection you may now see why some personal or business goals have failed in the past.

Action Point:

  • Try and create your own personal system for success within the parameters explained above and let me know how you progress.

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