The best business growth resolutions for 2017

The best business growth resolutions for 2017.

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Personal New Year resolutions are popular yet seldom applied in business. Here I share some resolutions for your business to transform its growth. These are resolutions, not targets, not specific written goals; these key points represent the vision and direction to implement.

Your own case to case business scenario will dictate how to deploy fully – If you want help then call us to help implementation, it is what we do.

1.     Social Media Engagement

No matter your business model, B2C or B2B, review your social media use and increase your own engagement. I am not advocating any change to the platforms you use, simply increase the communication and personalization on the ones you use already.

Example: At JAMSO, we have found much greater improved market and client relationships through simple short and regular video messages via Twitter, direct messenger system.

2.     Empathy

As a business within an operational market, with existing clients and across your own business, review and seek to implement and improvement in your ability to understand and share feelings with others. This can be from a simple “behind the scenes” view of your business and its natural celebrations through a year on your website to sit down sessions with customers and staff members.

Example: Understanding the emotional state and motivators of your customers can create improved user experiences (UX). This generates satisfied clients and increases the likelihood of being referred to others.

3.     Empowerment.

Most people feel their greatest satisfaction when working in an empowered and high impact activity. Designing your business to allow and encourage empowerment for problem solving, idea creation and normal work allows the potential for greater staff engagement.

Example: Provide a budget limit for a department on certain spend category areas i.e. training and development in IT skills. Allow the department to help create the workshop contents, priorities and expected outcomes.

4.     Embrace technology.

Tech robot on a keyboard

Simply operating a business using servers, equipment, apps and software is not enough. Seek to embrace the full technological capacity of the systems, equipment and users that you have. Most companies are literally sat upon some of the most single productivity improvements simply by embracing the technology deployed.

Example: Review all current work flows and technology interface steps. Create a standard check list to review and seek an advantage and improvement. This can be anything from a simple keyboard short cut improvement at the user level to utilizing the IT architecture differently.

5.     Critical thinking skills deployed.

A business that embraces critical thinking skills and develops them will continue to protect their current market position and be best placed for growth in future. Have a system in place to help nurture evaluation, analysis, synthesizing and conceptualizing skills. The positive output from critical thinking skills is to question all that we currently know or think we know. It can identify cultural business bias, established silo mentalities within a business and spot new market potentials.

Example: Take a review of the full data collection process and experience from lost business sales. From our experience this is best done from other people that are not the sales staff or their sales manager. Offering a neutral mode of input creates improved insights and can be used to improve the sales process.

6.     Improved gamification and narratives.

Actor change to monkey

Gamification is gathering momentum and incorporation across all aspects of our lives, from skills, to health to bill payments and even in political interactions. A review of your gamification success and the story narratives deployed is important to retain market and staff relevance, interest and engagement levels.

Example: Starbucks has an outstanding loyal following across the globe. Their gamification system through loyalty programs and social interactions is one such best in class example to help grow your business. As their business model has evolved, their narrative through market engagement has also adjusted.

7.     Relevant expertise.

Data Viz image

The skills and talents needed to run a large business is different than those for a small business. The same applies to customer service skills, productivity levels and management of tasks. Always seek to deploy the best value impact expertise for your business that creates immediate value and can be sustained for a respective payback period.

Example: Even Steve Jobs lost his position as CEO at Apple between the years 1985 and 1997. During his absence one could argue he re-energized with business beliefs, skills and returned with an improved skill framework to influence from.

Note: JAMSO helps companies in goal setting and metrics to improve their competence and growth through these areas.

8.     More Win-Win Goals

A great deal is when everyone is happy and everyone feels they have “won” something. This win could be personalized service for the customer, skills development for the employee and an improvement to the local environment or all three. A little more thought into strategic design and increased flexibility at tactical deployment can identify such win win scenarios.

Example: A gas station that serves a local community may sponsor the planting and maintenance of a flower bed on a local round a bout. This improves the environment, creates improved status of social responsibility with the gas station and puts a smile on the face of local drivers during spring.

  • All these resolutions offer a strategic direction to your business and even at management level. Each idea can be measured with targets and goals created.

  • JAMSO is dedicated to help you and your business improve growth for a prosperous 2017.

Written by James Doyle - Founder of JAMSO

James Doyle