The ultimate data revolution podcasts playlist

Podcasts for disruption leaders and geeks.

Here is my hit list of some of the most noteworthy and interesting podcasts to download and enjoy. I have included a range of breadth and depth in this collection of audio pleasure. This will help you generate new curiosity for beginners to data and the chance to geek out for those that like to geek with machine learning and data science.

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Typical podcast "studio"

Typical podcast "studio"

The growth of podcasts in daily life continues to expand. They are rapidly taking the space from web browsing and magazine entertainment time. We are living during a phase of media change.

New enabled people consume niched audio content for pleasure, motivation, learning and discovery. This change helps boost the value of our day whilst on a busy commute or tuning out from a low value situation.

Podcasts are turning into a high impact learning experience every day.
— James Doyle

When considering the explosion of podcasting we need to understand the rapid change it has generated in media consumption models. According to PEW Research from  , by early 2016, over 35% of Americans had listened to a podcast. Our own personal experience confirms this pattern of increased consumption.

Use these quick list scanner codes to match your core interests

For speed scanning purposes I have coded the core subject areas to help you discover the type of information you seek faster.

The list numbered 1 through to 12 does not reflect any listening order of preference or other bias.

AI                         Artificial Intelligence

AN                       Analytics

BD                       Big Data

DS                        Data Science

DV                       Data Visualization

ML                       Machine Learning

ST                        Statistics

1.       Linear Digressions

A friendly tone with a light view on serious subject matter. The host’s skills have a natural ability to communicate complex details to the curious minds. A perfect start point for anyone seeking to explore the world of

Core Subject Covered: AI, DS, ML

2.       Data Skeptic

Published weekly for a few years, this has become a stable of our audio pleasure and inspiration. The start point of this broadcast is to be skeptic about a specific subject matter and then expand from that view point.

Core Subjects Covered: AI, BD, DS, ML, ST

3.       Wharton Customer Analyticast

Although this podcast series stopped in 2016, I still find myself referring it to others as an effective source of insights. A great source to hear the work and capabilities for customer analytics, data privacy and decision making.

Core Subjects Covered: AN

4.       Everything Analytics

This has just started so I am unsure of its future. The first (and only show so far January 2017) gives some practical hands on insights on how analytics impacts specific areas of business through supply chain management.

Core Subjects Covered: AN, DS, DV

5.       Digital Analytics Power Hour

Is this the benchmark podcasts others hold their standards to? I will let you decide. Simply listen and enjoy.

Core Subjects Covered: AN, DV

6.       Hadooponomics

A great podcast that might put many people off due to the niched name. The choice of subject matter and detailed discussions makes this a perfectly accessible listen. If you are curious about data science and the impact ethics has working with large data sets. Do not be put off with the title, dive in and enjoy.

Core Subjects Covered: BD, DS

7.       ROMI Analytics                                                                    

Why would I place a single episode broadcaster in this “Top” list? This pod offers interesting insights for marketing and analytics linked to free resource information. A focus on predictive models during this episode, enjoy this step by step insight and knowledge share.

Core Subjects Covered: AN, DS, ST

8.       Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Analytics used to understand fractural data

Analytics used to understand fractural data

Dan Faggella is the host and founder of TechEmergence. He is a deeply respected and established voice within the community. Boasting shared publications with World Economic Forum, Pew Research Center and mainstream Motherboard and TechCrunch these insights offered are a worthy placement on this list.

Core Subjects Covered: AI, AN, DS, ML




9.       This week in machine learning and artificial intelligence

Hosted by Sam Charrington, this weekly pod offers a wide mix of interviews covering a wide range of subjects. Note: Some discussions come with a prior “techy” warning to prepare the listener in advance of running the risk becoming lost in terminology or geek speak.

Core Subjects Covered: AI, AN,  DS, ML, ST

10.   Learning Machines 101

The target audience for this podcast is “the general public”. The aim is to demystify artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is achieved in an entertaining manner. I think the balance here is spot on for developing insights for outsiders. The content is enough to make the curious motivated to conduct further information searches.

Core Subjects Covered: AI, ML, ST

11.   The Present Beyond Measure Show

Working with data is one thing but communicating it through dynamic insights is another. This great show provides tips, ideas and experiences to help you provide narrative, story and concise meaning to the complex data you work with. No matter if you are have an extrovert or introvert personality I still suggest you listen.

Core Subjects Covered: AN, DV, ST

12.   The O'Reilly Data Show

One of the most popular data shows generating mass media coverage. I need say no more!

Core Subjects Covered: AI, AN, DS


We have no affiliation with any of these podcasts. We have curated this list to give you an insight into our own pod consumption. I believe they will help others interested in the same subjects.

If you have a podcast within these genres that you think deserves to be placed on this list then simply drop a comment below. We will then review the broadcast and if we agree, it will make this as an updated part of the list so the full community can share and use.

I have aimed to satisfy C suite and geeks alike! Let me know if you have had a "podtastic" experience reading it!

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Happy listening and PLEASE SHARE this post with others that might be interested in the subject. 

James Doyle - Chief Podcast Listener

Written by James Doyle - Chief Podcast Listener at JAMSO

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