Summer Success Series Part 5: The Top Summer Podcast Choice

Tuning out to tune in via podcasts

Podcasts surge in consumption and choice

Podcasts surge in consumption and choice

Part of the summer vacation time is about sharing moments, but it is also about contemplation, learning and having some time for self-development. That has been the main goal with these shorter summer series articles. So, let’s jump in and ride on the back of a surging social phenomenon called podcasts. These are like radio but on demand. Select a subject or specific show, download an episode, listen and enjoy the content.

Note: Most good podcast shows will transcribe key parts of their show (although you might need to subscribe to their email list for the privilege). These can prove handy tips and to-do lists on specific development and how to subjects.

We provide a mix of podcasts worthy of your listening to explore deeper some serious subjects but we have also allowed room for some random fun and artistic delights to give you a smile.

The list selected is a sample of shows and episodes enjoyed by James Doyle – Founder of JAMSO so they have been tried and tested! Beware personal taste might not be yours so explore further and find your own list after. I would love to hear which shows you prefer.

History on Fire – By Daniele Bolelli

A voice from the past

A voice from the past

I love history, not just for the stories but for the lessons we can take from it and the never ending versions and views that major events generate within times and people. The current style of historical narrative is no doubt lead by the great Dan Carlin (seek him out), yet here I focus on the start of a 3 episode series by Daniele Bolello about the War for the Black Hills. From Custer to Sitting Bull and from rituals to greed for gold, it’s all here.



Sam Harris episode Landscapes of Mind – A conversation with Kevin Kelly

Sam is a controversial host that generates a divided opinion across many political, faith and philosophical areas. Sometimes he seems to be more out for a verbal fight than a debate yet is well worth a listen. This specific episode sees Sam explore the potential of artificial intelligence and the direction of modern human evolutions towards what is called the singularity.

Future technology and society impacts

Future technology and society impacts

Intercepted – James Comey, Chelsea Manning and the secrets America keeps

The intercepted is a controversial podcast with variable tone, humor, and quality of content. This episode provides thoughts about the recent state in the USA and raises some serious questions about the secrets American keeps but therefore raises questions about other national strategy and process within the same subjects.

36 Questions

A fun and refreshing listen. This is a musical via podcast format. A simple and accessible format, plot with appealing roles, 36 Questions follows a couples attempt to bring their marriage back from the brink of divorce. Give it a try with a nice drink.

Mysterious Universe – Reframing the Debate

Do we live in a simulation?

Do we live in a simulation?

One podcast that makes me laugh and smile whilst exploring the edge of human emotional states and science is Mysterious Universe. The 2 fun filled Australian hosts take serious and traumatic experiences to the edge of investigation and pure Ozzy bathroom banter cynics. Some shows address ghosts, others Big Foot, UFO or even missing time. Be prepared to chuckle along whilst asking yourself, “could there actually be anything to this?”

This specific episode tackles the UFO question and offers a great starting reference point so you can understand the foundation and direction the hosts will go into specific cases.

Extra Bonus Show. – Marketing School by Eric Siu and Neil Patel

Well done for scrolling down this list so far, here is an extra bonus podcast link.

Many readers of my material run their own companies or have a web page. This short 5 minute a day show offers some great tips and take away to improve the marketing activities of your online presence. Grab a pen and notebook and enjoy whilst waiting for your next ice cream.

If these podcasts have been of help but you seek more than feel free to click on the other articles I have written proposing different pods – Enjoy them and have a great summer.

Do not forget to drop a comment if you have your own lists.

Have a great summer.