A unique vacation reading list: Summer Success Series Part 6

Avoiding the best sellers book list

So you managed to remember that extra pair of socks and even packed a spare charger for your phone, but what about a good book? Yes, this is why at the departure lounge of most airports there is a steady trade for best sellers as holiday goers realize they forgot to pack a good book. So, desperate to avoid a conversation with their travel partners when seeking times for solace, travellers often need a book to help out.

Making notes from a great read

Making notes from a great read

Here I provide a different reading list. If you read the same as everyone else then you will just be like everyone else. So, let us dig deeper than a simple best sellers list and provide a range of reads that help shape your views whilst providing time to be entertained.

Note: Many good books today are available as downloads on Kindle or other tools. There is also an opportunity today, to consider audio books which can enhance and allow fresh discovery with old reads. Like all my lists so far within other articles, we are not affiliated in any why with the publishers or authors so these are pure suggestions based on our experience.

The list selected is a sample of reads by James Doyle – Founder of JAMSO. Beware personal taste might not be yours so explore further and find your own unique list after. I would love to hear which books you read over the vacation.

A week in December – By Sebastian Faulks

My first summer read in 2017

My first summer read in 2017

This is the very book I started my vacation with this summer. An easy, digestible fast read about how the lives of several characters intersect during a simple week. We gain insights into the world of hedge funds, extremism, politics, and Britain. This is set back at the financial crisis in 2009 yet could so easily be applied today.

There are many lessons and moments of fun within this book. Ideal for avoiding a long boring museum tour on a rainy day!

Take view of Sebastians own dedicated page for this book for his account of what the book offers you.

Big Data- Bernard Marr

Anything to do with big data and data science seems to go out of date faster than someone could write a book about it. What makes this book from 2015 still relevant today is the honesty and simplicity required by applying a clear strategy to make the most of the opportunities with big data. Bernard is well respected and a clear influencer within this field.

The world of big data and mindset to manage it.

The world of big data and mindset to manage it.

He applies his SMART model (not SMART goal setting) to cross analytics, metrics, and strategy to help leaders and organizations take the opportunity available. The speed of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning means Bernard’s book is a must read for any leader.

A perfect read when those inevitable thoughts about work and the future of business spring to your mind on a golden sunrise morning.

A History of Denmark – Knud J V Jespersen

Denmark is not just about Hygge and Vikings, beer and bacon. This small nation has a reputation to punch above its weight. Here Knud takes a perfectly readable guide to skip over parts of history he feels not worthy of time but deep dives on the key areas of modern Danish history that he feels shapes the nation. It is indeed a great book for anyone curious of how a small business or nation can survive. It shares some insights into how and why collaboration is important – these lessons alone are worth the read.

Map of Denmark

So, read from a position of curiosity and seek the lessons that this nation has dealt with to apply within your own life and business. I think this is a great book to help generate an understanding of the Nordic mindset, its culture, history and most of all, its potential.

There are many lessons in life that can be gained away from a day trip to a water park! Take a day off and dive into the joys of national development within the land of Denmark.

You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar – David H Sandler

A book about selling, yes sales, yes I’m seriously suggesting you read a book about selling whilst on your vacation even if it was first published in 1995! So, why would a sales book be so relevant today even though the internet and culture of “give, give then ask” seems to have shifted the business world? Well, we buy and sell ideas, moments, services and products every day. So a sales book allows you to see the process of needs and satisfaction, this book, however, provides a clear framework to help solve problems. It is a clear and necessary guide for new and old sales people to refresh skills and ideas, the Sandler system will help the process.

The principle of the Sandler system

The principle of the Sandler system

Even on a vacation, you will soon see how your family and friends express their needs and solve others using parts of the Sandler system naturally. It’s a great experiment to understand how people interact with one another plus it will help polish those needed negotiation skills when you are buying that carpet in a bazaar!

Mental training for skydiving and life – John J DeRosalia

Do not let the title put you off if you do not skydive and have no plans to. The power of this book is hidden within its sub heading “A mind/body/spirit training program for achieving peak performance”. John Derosalia is a well respected and trained psychotherapist.

Founder of JAMSO - James Doyle skydiving over Denmark

Founder of JAMSO - James Doyle skydiving over Denmark

The essence here is peak performance and how you can apply some skills and resources into your own life. The book was written with a specific audience in mind, skydivers yet it does not assume you have a high-risk tolerance. Indeed the focus here is about remaining humble, being a team player and bringing your best self to be part of an outstanding goal.

Some of the technical skydive references might be slightly off putting, yet put up with it as the rewards by the end of the book are worth the outcome and patience. Here, you gain a tool kit that can be applied in life, business and applies to individuals or group dynamics.

So, jump into the book (sorry I could not help use such a corny phrase), and end your vacation with this quick read with lessons you can apply straight away.

Most of these books are available online and can be sourced second hand – A perfect low carbon footprint start for your vacation. Enjoy these reads and have a great summer.

Drop a comment below if you have your own unique reads you suggest or let me know what you thought about any of the books listed here.

Have a great summer.