Summer Success Series Part 4: Change goals - keep the vision

Why you should retain your resolutions but adjust your expectations

Its not easy to become the top Elvis impersonator

Its not easy to become the top Elvis impersonator

This is the fourth within our shortened publication that continues through this summer success series. So far we have covered, gamification plus metrics and even jumped in to debunk some motivational quotes. Today, we entice you away from your summer lounger or gardening chores to delve deeper into the world of goal setting.

This short publication can be read in sections, so clip the grass and feel free to prune some plants and come back for more later. One of the greatest goals in life must be to feel a sense of contentment. So, kick off your shoes and reflect on what you feel happy about whilst letting the summer sun warm your body. In this short read you will discover why it is important to retain the visions you have but be more adaptable with your methods of achieving them.

Simply bookmark this page and return if you are caught between vacation activities. It will not take much to jump back in and get caught up to speed again.

How did you end up here?

One of the toughest lessons to learn in life is after you reach the age of civil maturity, most people in the Western world have only themselves to blame for their current situation. I say this with an eye on bad luck, circumstances regarding physical limitations or occasional substantial debt inheritance. So, honestly and truthfully – just how did you end up where you are today?

Old goals given up

Old goals given up

The answer to such a tough question may make you wish to stop reading and find solace by clipping the hedge. Before you do so, please bookmark the page, have a think and come back when you are ready to learn more.





Blurry vision and a clarification of direction.

Example of a vision board

Example of a vision board

A common reason for why people end up in situations unplanned through life is not that you lack a vision. They more often than not, simply have a blurry vision, that is to say, they have a broad vision but do not have the full picture of what they consider to be “success”. One example is for a person to have a wild dream to live in New York. So, without working out the full details of what that means, they simply end up having success with the level of detail they set. So, they move to New York and remain in a dead end job or career and feel less satisfied that they expected.

Having an approximate vision is an OK start, yet seek to constantly become more informed and use this information to update your desired future state. So, starting your own business might be a blurry vision, but running your own consultancy company help people and companies in goal setting and metrics becomes much clearer and actionable. The more detail you add, the better the direction of your actions can become purposeful. Read more about vision boards.

Creating accountability for your actions

How many ice creams have you enjoyed this summer? How have you held yourself accountable for those decisions and the consequences to your health? You see, it is often a build up of many small decisions that have the biggest impact upon out lives. So to help you, accountability systems and partners are great assets to make progress. – Contact us now to find out more about our accountability programs.

Discovering what type of goal setter you are

Have you noticed that some people set their minds to a goal and just go out and smash it? You know them, they are not too different from you and yet their success rate is significantly higher. Most put this difference down to the others natural talent. However, more often than not is a difference in process and systems. The successful person is more likely to know their motivators, their strengths and what works best for them at each step of the goal setting phase.

There are many different types of goal setting systems out there, with new ones being created and developed at any time. So, amongst the chaos of choice, how do you know if you are best suited to a BHAG or WISE goal? The answer starts with some basic goal setting theory knowledge. Gaining the skills and insights of different goal setting systems will help you match the best system for your goals. With this key advantage, you will already increase your chance for success.

Never forget silver is still silver so celebrate.

Enjoy the moments of success, no matter how big or small for young or old.

Enjoy the moments of success, no matter how big or small for young or old.

At the highest level of achievement, there is a delicate balance between outstanding and the best. The best just has to be a little better than the next outstanding person or business. This is the reality in day to day life, yet within the world of competitive sport, we often seen the person taking silver is less happy than the person taking a position much lower in the field.

Learn from the experience and feel the full sense of achievement. Your efforts should be celebrated, even more you achievements should be celebrated with vigor. Use these experiences to close the loop from action to vision. Improve the clarity of your longer term vision and adjust your goals to meet them accordingly.

Vision and goals wheel

The success wheel for goals.

The wheel of vision and goal success

Use the wheel model as a guide to adjust your mindset. Your vision should become clearer as progress is made. The methods (choice of goal setting systems, opportunities, improved skills + experience) help adjust and shape your results. Use all this information to review your success, weakness areas and fine tune your vision.

Use the rest of your vacation to fine tune your vision or make some steps in any part of the success wheel.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation and I would love to hear from you what progress you make after reading this short article. – drop a comment to share it below.

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