Search the right words in metrics, goals and gamification

Grab the challenge of these related word search puzzles.

The world of words via print

The world of words via print

The use of word search puzzles is wide and varied. From a 5 minute mental exercise to kill some time whilst waiting for the next train or a rainy day inside with family and the need for a few moments personal space and peace.

Rarely do we see their use in the workplace although they have some good representation in the educational fields.

Here we have created a quick word search based on the subjects of metrics, goal setting and gamification for your use and enjoyment.

What can word search puzzles do for adults?

Apart from the obvious benefits, we have highlighted above, here are some additional reasons you should consider using them more.

·         They develop contextual vocabulary.

·         They support pattern recognition development.

·         Provide a contextual break.

·         Offer some fun.

·         Rewards and sense of achievement.

So when we face a small technical hitch at a workshop or training program at JAMSO (yes, it happens to everyone), then we have some backup tools, one is the use of these simple word search games.

To explore further some research conducted on the power of word games then run through this study conducted in 2010 by the US National Reading Technical Assistance Centre linked to a wide range of other supportive studies.

Some other alternatives to word search tools.

There is an almost infinite list of alternative games, puzzles, and challenges we could share within such a list. The most popular versions include Snakes and Ladders (see other publications we have issued for free), Crosswords, Monopoly (designed with a unique subject theme), Jigsaw puzzles and a wide range of other familiar concepts and games.

4 Sources of word search generators.

For the download we have made available we used the great auto generator tool by Here is a list of other providers.

Word – Simply create your table and fill in the words and letters manually

Help offer a good tool.

Quick worksheets offer also a login system to save your old worksheets.


Have some fun and try out these word search puzzles to keep your mind fresh and focused in the areas of metrics, goals, and gamification.

Here is a copy of the metrics word search.

Metrics word search created by JAMSO

Metrics word search created by JAMSO


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