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We support the world but our office is located in Southern Denmark, GMT+1, and now only check my contact form submissions once in a while (a couple of months might be normal!), so please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • We are unable to respond to bloggers requesting me to review their individual blogs due to the large number of requests for such service and a severe lack of time.

  • We are not currently accepting guest post submissions for the blog and article section.

  • Whilst we will consider opportunities for long-term partnerships that benefit our readers and clients, we do not offer advertising inventory for ad hoc purchase.

  • We do not sell advertising space on our website nor are willing to share any of our clients or market contact details.


Will JAMSO founder James Doyle be a guest on a podcast show?

James has featured on The Bucket List Life and Brian Germain shows (Audio and Audio/Visual). JAMSO is no longer a commercial business and so I suggest you seek someone else.

Can I interview James Doyle by email?

If we believe in mutual values and brand alignment areas then we will consider this. (We have already being highlighted within a Top influencer list of self development books.)

How much will it cost to have you speak at my event or conference?

This is no longer available. We suggest you seek elsewhere for someone else.

What topics did you speak about?

Our most requested keynote topics were:

  • How to Convert Your Operational Data into Meaningful Metrics

  • How to Test Your Next Goal Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time, Money and Effort

  • How to Build a Winning Gamification Culture

  • How to Future-Proof Your Growth

  • How to Transform Your Business Through Metrics, Goals and Gamification

See bottom of this page for additional Legal Considerations.

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The main office hours for JAMSO are now closed with no plans to return.

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Snailmail address: JAMSO, Smedegade 15, Ketting, Augustenborg, 6440 Denmark

If you prefer to contact us via our social media platforms then please contact us directly there. Response time will vary greatly and no promise we will respond!



If you have an extra minute to spare then take a quick look at this self development short video we created about habit formation for happiness.

Additional legal and content FAQ's

Can I use your email content/blog posts/podcast episodes on my own site?

No, you may not reprint or republish any of my content without my written permission. Except where otherwise specified, all content is copyright of JAMSO.

Taking content without permission is not a nice thing to do—and it’s a really bad way to build a business. You can do better—build a business based on your own knowledge and skills. We have faith in you!

Can I translate your work into another language?

This is not a project we are not planning to take on at this time. Please do not publish translations of our work without JAMSO written consent.

Where do I Find your full terms and conditions?

Just click here to read