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Bringing gamified success to work

The applications of gamification continue to expand across all levels of society, we are here to help you through the process and reap its benefits.

You are probably engaged in some form of gamification without realizing it. From points rewards at a retail shop to leadership boards on your language course. JAMSO supports companies to implement and even fix any gamification challenges or new ideas.

From narrative to full design, we have your back covered.

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Discover the new ways to lift engagement and performance.

Organizations typically seek gamification to improve training skills, boost employee retention and engagement and accelerate productivity gains. Through clever goal setting we also support companies make tasks more enjoyable and rewarding to help boost motivation.

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From badge to points to leader boards, JAMSO helps clients refine and deliver the best player experience whilst maximizing sustained behavior change.

Care with ethical boundaries to prevent or facilitate cheating or exploitation of staff is a core element of our audits and design process.

The measurement process of our solutions ensures you concentrate on real change and less noise from insignificant or distracting variations. We support the extensive use of metrics to ensure accurate and data safe solutions work for your business whilst providing instant feedback to the core players.

Gamification motivational factors.

Your business goals and objectives need to be supported with motivated staff and processes. We embrace the strategy of your business to provide the inspirational framework needed for success.

Help from HR to production line level needs or work flow opportunities, the reinforcement and attainment of mastery through gaming design is high on our priority.

Independent solutions for your benefits

We pride our position as an independent consultancy. We do not directly promote or white label software solutions. There is no affiliation between our business and any software provider. This unique position allows us to work with you to create the optimal solutions for your business, culture and budgets. Our negotiation and industry expertise can help you source the optimal pricing levels for your business.

Privacy and cyber security is also part of the JAMSO gamification audit portfolio. We can provide an overview of the risks you face and help mitigate or eliminate unnecessary exposure to competitors or curious hackers.

Read our review of over 40 gamification books 

We put together a detailed overview of the most important gamificiation books in recent years. This extensive list includes the work from over 60 authors and we provide an introduction review, background of the author and unique insights. This is a short cut guide to find the best industry information available.


Part of your change management process

For organizations seeking high impactful change, we partner with you to help introduce and ignite the motivational fires needed. From merger and acquisitions, venture capital investment, leadership change, product and service portfolio or skills transformation, we are with you the whole way to deliver the correct elements, measure progress and reinforce the correct behaviors.

An overview of some articles we have publised to help you for free

Ongoing support for satisfaction

The projects we typically undertake are a commitment to ensure your success. We utilize the experiences to fast track any local training needs and are always on hand to help with any questions. If you are curious about what gamification can do for your business then contact us straight away.

Industries supported

Although no specific industry has significant obstacles for gamification we have greater insights within

  • Fintech

  • Manufacturing

  • Edtech

  • Marketing + Sales

  • Management skills growth

  • SAAS

  • Retail

  • Consultancies

  • Internet of Things development and deployments

  • SME and small business sizes are our core clients but we have extensive experience within large blue chip organizations.

When you go wrong we help put it right

Many companies utilize the basic frameworks and tools to deploy gamification across the business and then fail to get the expected results. At this point we can help your business through special auditing and training. The intent is for your business to develop its own in-house skills needed across the touchpoint stakeholders for project and sustained success.

Our experience with management, motivation, goal setting, analytics and quality provide the clear foundation to support your gamified process. We help develop and solve the missing systems, checks and nuances needed to help boost the performance of your player experience.

Workshops for fine tuning skills

Clients take a discussion with us to agree a specific workshop and training program to boost and list the understanding of gamification plus the strategic and operational details needed for a great experience and long term business success at your business.

Keynote Public Speaking on Gamification

For your leadership team or industry association, contact us for an inspirational and truly unforgettable key note presentation to help improve the understanding of gamification at work and how it continues to impact our daily lives.

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Take a read of these free articles to whet your appetite for change and gain a deep understanding on our philosophy and methods to help companies like yours.

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