Goal setting is important for you and business.

We support with free material for those in the doing business and not just the dreaming business. Without plans and goals your true optimal performance is not realized. If you do not manage your goals then life and your competitors will over take you, you will fall adrift to the circumstances of life instead of creating your own impact on the world.

From the very start, goal setting helps join your vision with the action needed. Use goal setting to improve time management, set priorities and remain motivated. We share with you coping systems when faced with adversity and failure. We share unique goal setting theory that connects directly to motivation and inspiration for sustained results.

At JAMSO, we researched with clients to help generate unique goals and the process required to reach them, enjoy them and create new goals. We have experience in the many different goal setting techniques including SMART, SMARTER, OKR, WOOP, WOOPER, 10x, GROW, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), INSPIRED and when NOT to set goals.

  1. Start by understanding your business or personal values, as this acts as the foundation stone that influences your goals for the short/medium and long term future.

  2. You create your vision and mission/purpose.

  3. You agree time scales of day, week, 14 days, monthly, 90 day, 6 month, 12 month, 3 years, 5 years and life time expectations.

  4. You look to cover each main area of life and business: Developmental, financial, relational, health, social, creative, family, fun, spiritual.

  5. You select which accountability and measurement system is most effective for you.

  6. You gain continued free resources for motivation, techniques and systems support.

  7. You learn how to identify priorities and we help you focus on continual performance

  8. You define your wish, wants and needs at each step

  9. You clarify and decide what you will STOP in order to be more effective

  10. You learn to understand that balance is a constant moving state

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You may have tried goal setting before but never reached your goals due to external circumstances or lack of will - We help you overcome these hurdles and bring you to the success you seek and deserve.

Are you seeking to grow as a leader?

Do you want to become more self reliant and self sufficient with your goals?

Do you want to boost your results and motivation?

Would you like to increase business revenue within 90 days?

Are you capable of acquiring a new skill?

Do you want to be more efficient?

Do you seek an accountability partner?

Do you seek goal setting help?

Does your business seek help with goal setting or goal management?

Personal accountability by James Doyle

From Goals To Strategy

Creating your goal defines the start of your journey to success. The doing and action is where the real fun is found. The doing is where the sweat, frustration, learning, sense of achievement but daily grind is required. 

  1. We help you move from the goal setting start point into the strategy that will work best for YOU or YOUR BUSINESS.

  2. You are shown and helped to become an effective self starter who develops a reputation of success.

  3. You will learn how to embrace a leadership mentality and a true leadership behavior.

  4. You make the immediate actions to produce results and changes straight away.

  5. You learn to identify and act daily on the highest impact actions to attain success.

  6. You create a performance mindset with the skills and tools to decipher the correct actions to stay on course

  7. You learn the tools available to implement an efficient work flow with your actions.

From Goals To Tactics

So far so good, you have a goal, you even have a strategy, but how does all this piece together to create the success and end results you seek?  

start by asking yourself these key questions:

  • What are your specific tactics, techniques and methods to ensure goal success?

  • Which type of goals do you find easy to reach?

  • When does your energy levels peak during the day?

  • How comfortable do you feel saying NO to something so you can say YES to your goals?

  • What part of your health are you most happy with?

  • How do you ensure your daily activities are maximized?

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No fancy journals or planners for sale here

We are committed to your success, so you will not see us push or promote you an annual product that needs renewal. You are protected from the mole skin promoters of life planners and special goal journals. Here we share the low cost but effective mechanisms to attain real success for yourself or organization. 

For dedicated health goals we suggest you apply our techniques

Here we will not sell you a health program or product. There are no series of dedicated health or diet videos to purchase. Instead we share real sustainable methods of goal setting and habit forming that can be brought to any area of life.

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