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Welcome to the JAMSO Unpaid Intern Program                        

Period : 3 month + depending on match of Intern and JAMSO

JAMSO is committed to providing the worlds future business leaders with a dynamic opportunity for real hands on experience.

We will show you how a global business develops its brand, the operations management, marketing and business material structures. The intern participates in these areas and contributes to brainstorming, organizational and administrative tasks, social media, marketing, workshop and other business material.

We take into consideration of your short, medium and long term plans and goals with direct mentoring and guidance throughout the duration of your internship.

Your college credit offer is right here, reflect on the above and review the below then fill in the form to apply.


We do not ask you to make the coffee.

We do not ask you to take all the “dumb” jobs.

We do not ask you to perform personal errands on behalf of any JAMSO staff.


We do ask you to work remote on a virtual platform using your own laptop and internet connection.

We do ask you work 3-4 days a week or 10-15 hours a week unpaid.

We do ask you to respect any time-zone differences (JAMSO is based in Denmark).


Submit 5 reasons why you are applying.

Submit 2 reasons why you think you are uniquely suited for the position.


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