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Personal and business metrics

From a vision to metrics

How do you ensure the metrics you measure are the best ones for you or your business?

The challenge is to reduce internal reporting costs whilst maximizing value from the data and information it generates.

We help you align your personal or business vision, mission, strategy and goals to high impact metrics.

Typical jamso 5 step solution process

  1. We understand your personal or business principles, ethics, vision and mission.

  2. Working together we review the strategy, objectives, targets and goals currently in place.

  3. Working together we design and help implement the optimal system level implementation of metrics and performance management.

  4. Training is conducted on site and supported online to develop expertise, knowledge and skills for sustainable results.

  5. Unique skills and solutions are implemented to help develop and nurture the growth, success and implementation of performance throughout your business.

Sample short video on key ingredients for great KPI's


We help you reduce low impact and high time consuming metric reports.

You gain control of your life or business operations and profitability.

You benefit from the appropriate use of simple metrics through to big data analytics tools

You learn how to differentiate between metrics, Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors.

Sample video on relating metrics to the Retail industry for higher client engagement

Start with this free KPI Check list 

Contact us now for a free consultation on your performance 

We focus not results and output rather than pure date collection.

We focus not results and output rather than pure date collection.

The life blood of every business is sales and providing a significant positive return on your investments. We have a measured system and process tailored to generate the right cost effective solutions. The navigation of your goal achievements so far leads to new step goals for the future. You enjoy metrics performance growth that adds more value than the pure data.

If you seek effective and efficient solutions with any business intelligence system then we help implement it with ease.

Metrics lead solutions

If you face challenges in the below common areas of metrics development then contact us straight away.

We work with all members of the business, from operators all the way through to top C suite executives. This cross organizational approach provides the correct insights, relationships and bond to improve employee engagement for your improvements.

Understanding import numbers

Generating an accurate understanding between noise and signal of analysis and data sources is a critical skill for managers to develop. Technology today allows deeper insights at all levels of the company. We work with clients to sort the priorities so effective decisions are made with clear reasoning.

See the below sample matrix tool we share with operatives and managers learning to cope with too much data and define clear results areas that impacts business growth and solves problems

Helping to define the best measures for performance

Helping to define the best measures for performance

KPI Questions answered

The most common questions raised by clients can vary from selection of the correct marketing strategy KPI's to broader personal development short term goals of specific business or personal areas. 

We highlight the gaps of understanding and fill the knowledge so your business is empowered to transformation. From basic analytics to complex big data sources, we help clear the path for performance indicators highlight the correct and relevant decision points in a timely and low cost manner.

The key challenges when using metrics: We help you solve these issues

The key challenges when using metrics: We help you solve these issues

create action today

Life goals and business goals are constrained through time. Remove one challenge of your path and contact us for a chat how to solve business metrics challenges so your customers become fans for life.

No Dedicated software sales

We work with you and your business to develop solutions and answers based on your current status and investment levels for future systems. Therefore we work with existing metrics and analytics tools and systems to optimize their performance before offering any new software solutions. We are committed to serving our clients independently from any software affiliation.

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