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Workshop: Improved Metrics and Analytics


Workshop: Improved Metrics and Analytics


Minimum 4 delegates per training workshop (660 Euro per person)

1) Business objectives + priority
2) Methods of measurement
3) Leading and Lagging measures
4) Response to trends
5) Experience and statistics
6) Critical thinking
7) Analytics for today and tomorrow

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Improve your business metrics and analytics capabilities.

  • Generate and overview and strategic understanding of the business direction.
  • Define the business priorities to generate the highest relevant performance.
  • Careful selection of the methodology from data design and collection points through to executive overview.
  • Creating the most relevant measurement structures
  • Responding and reacting to trends. Signal and noise compared.
  • When to use statistics and experience.
  • Understanding the principles of critical thought in management.
  • Analytics appropriate for today's use and those in 12, 24 and 36 months.
Example of critical thinking worksheet 

Example of critical thinking worksheet