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Workshop: Making Metrics Matter


Workshop: Making Metrics Matter


Making Metrics Matter : 1 day interactive workshop to provide deeper insights of the use of metrics and decision making. Metrics, CSF, KPI, Lagging and Leading Indicators. Introduction to the JAMSO BIASED SCORE CARD (no typo mistake!)

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Stimulate real action instead of sleeping through reports.

This is dedicated to create change and focus of your business members. This interactive workshop provides clear take away actions for each participant.

Within 1 day your team will improve the below:

  • Deeper insights on the use of metrics
  • Use of critical thinking in how to recognize cognitive bias
  • Why data quality matters and the reality of data quality
  • Scope and definitions for quality metrics improvements
  • When and why lagging and leading indicators should be used.
  • Key Results Indicators
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • The wish, wants and needs of data
  • The Balanced Score Card
  • Introduction to your unique Biased Score Card
Solve these challenges for your business by booking JAMSO today

Solve these challenges for your business by booking JAMSO today