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Coaching: Personal and Business Coach Goal Setting Systems Mastermind


Coaching: Personal and Business Coach Goal Setting Systems Mastermind


Ideal for a new coach
A deep dive course to provide the framework, skills and knowledge of the most popular and effective goal setting systems.
New systems, hybrids and gamification included.

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Create your own goal setting business

  • The drive towards a "gig" economy and the pursuit of many entrepreneurs wishing to create their own business is on the increase.
  • Here JAMSO helps you create the skills and framework to create your own consultancy business for goal setting.
  • We share with you the leading goal setting systems for personal development and business. We explain the good, the bad and the ugly for each system and why in most cases one simple system is not enough for all goals.
  • This is a perfect point to launch your business towards success.
  • We even provide free support for social media communications to ensure your business model has the perfect lift off.
  • See the below short insight to Grant Cardones 10x goal setting system